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The basic features included with nimboIP Voice

Feature List

Import Names and Email Addresses
Auto Provisioning
SIP Extensions
Auto Discovery
Virtual Extensions
Multi Digit Extensions Variable Length
 Auto Create Extension & Voicemail Boxes
Analog Extensions
Telephone Button Mapping Control
Control Permissions for Each Extension
Find Me Follow Me
Busy Lamp Monitoring
Do Not Disturb Indicated as Busy Lamp
Message Indicator Including Number of Messages Park Indicator for Park and Park Retrieval
Different Caller ID Per Extension
User Control Panel
Recent Calls List
Voicemail Box Administration
Change Telephone Button Mapping from Console Configure Personal Schedule Reporting
Configure Find Me Follow Me
 Configure Call Forwarding
Return Calls From VM Using Caller ID
nimboIP Dashboard
Easy Click to Transfer
View Call Status
Multiple Calls Visibility
Multi-Site Visibility and Control
Instant Message other Users
View all Users Call Status Retrieve Parked Calls
Whispering Coaching/Real Time Advice Feature
Transfer Calls
Record Calls with One Click Monitor Calls with One Click Park Calls
See Caller ID on All Calls
Trunk Types Supported
SIP Trunks
T1/E1 Phone Lines
Analog Phone Lines – POTS
Branch Office Networking
Call Control
Blind Transferring
Forwarding – Unconditional, No Answer, Busy, Unavailable, Conference
Transfer to Voicemail
Directed Call Pickup
Off Premise Transfer
Departmental Operators
Supervised Transfer
Park Calls
Do Not Disturb
Group Pickup
Access Voicemail from Anywhere
Control from Desktop
Message Notification
Group Message
Multiple Voicemail Greetings Unique Operator Per Extension Voicemail Folders Voicemail to Email Automatic Mailbox Creation
Access Voicemail while Greeting is Played
Call Center Informal – Included
Unlimited Call Queues
Custom Music on Hold Per Queue
Fewest Calls
Least Recently Called
Dynamic Queue Agents
Permanent Queue Agents
Ring All
Round Robin
Call Center Statistics – Optional Package
In Queue Call Routing
Queue Caller Timeout
Agent Only Extensions
Priority Based Call Distribution Queue
Members Never Busy
Route When No Members are Logged In
Historical Queue Statistics
Historical Queue Logs
Agent Log In
Route When Queue Empty
Auto Log Off
Queue Member Presence
Agent Log Off
Acknowledge Call
One-Touch Log-in/Log-off
Route When a Queue Caller Presses Any Digit
Queue Member Circuit Limit
Route When Max Queue Length Reached
In Queue & Across Queue Priorities
Skills Based Routing
Announce Position in Queue
Announcement Frequency Control
Real Time Queue Status
Unified Communications
Support for Soft Phones Presence Management  Fax from Desktop (Optional) Conference Bridge
Fax to Email (Optional) Fax Direct DID
 Voicemail to Email
Conference Participants
Meet Me Conference Center
Increase/Decrease Conference Volume
Increase/Decrease User Volume
Conference Via Headset
Eject Last User
Use Any Call Type – SIP, TDM, T1 or Analog
Simple Conference Calls
Listen Only Conference Calls
Paging and Intercom
 2-way Intercom
Overhead Paging Integration
Direct Paging and Intercom
Group Paging
 1-way Paging
Multicast Paging
Page to Branch Office
Music on Hold
Custom Music on Hold
Simple to Upload Music Files
 Queue Specific Music on Hold  Music on Hold Included
Voice Menus
 Play Audio Message
Unlimited Voice IVR Menus
Send to Voicemail
Send to External Number
Schedule Based Routing
Dial By Name – First Name or Last Name
Go to Group
Call Routing Simplified
Record Audio Message
Upload Pre Recorded Prompts and Messages
Dial Extension
Go to Another Menu
WEB Based Administration
Administrator Controls
Call Center Manager Control
 Operator Call Control  User Controls
Program Phones Remotely
Recording & Monitoring
 Call Recording  Call Monitoring  Recording Accesses from Desktop
Logging & Reporting
Current Calls
Queue Status
Queue Reports
Error Log
Call Logs
Call Reporting
Custom Audio Recordings
 Recording Voice Prompts  Multiple Languages (English Default)  Voice Prompts Included
Business Hours & Schedules
Day/Night Schedule
Routable Schedules
Schedules for Each DID
Schedules for Each Extension
Operator Can Force Day/Night Schedule
Visual Light on Phone when in Night Mode
ystem Tools
System Diagnostics
Scheduled Backups
Offsite Backups
 Advance Security Features
Identify and Ban External Threats Schedule
Notifications; chool Bells (optional)
Automatic Configuration
Easy Backup Tools
Multiple Codec Support
Emergency Notification
Call Management
Caller ID
Call Transfer
Call Parking
Call Forwarding
Call Watcher/Observer
Call Recording
Conference Bridges
Auto Attendant
Call Flow Control
Intercom & Paging
Away From Phone
Remote User Capabilities
Voicemail to Email
Do Not Disturb
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Automated Voicemail Setup
User Control Panel
Automated Schedule
Fail-to-Ban Security
Bulk Extension Creation
Multiple Offices
Custom Prompts
Diagnostic Call Dump
POTS, T1/E1, and SIP Compatibility
Additional Add-ons
Appointment Reminders
Call Recording Reports
Caller ID Management
Class of Service
Conference Pro
Endpoint Manager
Extension Routing
Page Pro
Outbound Call
Web Call Me
VQ Plus
 Park Pro
Q-Xact VM Notify Voicemail Reports
 *Other Features will become available as we continue to innovate and upgrade nimboIP