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Cloud Applications and Advanced Features

Cloud appsnimboIP has one of the most dynamic and complete array of features available today.  We can custom design a system for your business needs. We can easily add our Advance Applications for a nominal cost depending upon your individual design and technology needs.

Cloud technology means that you can access the data and services of your cloud from any device connected to the Internet. So, with nimboIP, you can use all of the standard telephone features without the need of an actual PBX in your business.

Highlighted below are a some advanced features and applications that can improve productivity and increase profitability. We will continually add to this section as new and important applications become available.

Call Center Statistics
  • Detail Reports of all activities of Agents in a call center environment.
  • Appointment Reminder
  • An automated appointment application that calls in advance to confirm appointments allowing the individual to cancel and or reschedule the appointment.
CRM Integration
  • The ability to integrate with ODBC and SQL CRM data bases.
  • Voice Server/Interactive Voice Response
  • A CSV Text to Speech application used for appointment scheduling or customer satisfaction surveys.


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