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At nimboIP we are always ready to deliver the solutions, training, programs and resources you need to close more business and exceed customer expectations. We are looking for established organizations with dedicated sales and marketing resources. All it takes is a simple phone call to start you on the road to reselling nimboIP solutions.

Together, we’re reaching further.  The nimboIP reseller program puts our partners at the heart of our business—right where they belong—and rewards them accordingly. Those strong connections allow us to help you serve your customers even more successfully.  Here’s how:

By staying committed to our partners’ growth. Our investment in you is paramount.  We know that if you are successful selling our products and solutions, we all win!

By keeping it simple. We’ve streamlined our processes and simplified the way we do business to make it easier for you to sell our solutions and add income to your business using your customer base.

By continuing to innovate. We never stop developing and seeking out technology that complements resellers’ local knowledge, expertise, and commitment to service.  It all comes down to customers and what they want—smart technology, demonstrated value and responsive service from an expert in the marketplace.

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